Where can I find namya sauce?


Where in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area can I find namya sauce? I want to attempt to make ka poun again and the recipe I want to use calls for it. I didn't expect to see it at a Cub Foods or Target, but even at the Asian markets that I've been to I cannot find it.

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You can find it on amazon.com if you don't live near an asian grocery store. They sell it very expensive though. I'd say if you can find an asian market near you, you'll save more money buying it there than online.

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  • TubZaj

    Namya sauce is so good. I like to call it "Nom-Yum" sauce!

    I thought I saw it once at Golden Harvest. My mom lives near there. I will go check it out the next time I visit her and will let you know, brother.

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